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DSI Columns

Round Smooth Tapered

Tuscan Columns are one of the most recognizable architectural elements in the world. From the historical cities of Europe to the cities and towns of the United States, these columns and their elegant style are celebrated by architects the world over. Round Columns are available in smooth tapered and non-tapered and fluted tapered


• White Seamless Column
• White polyurethane Snug-Fit capital with
foam ring insert that hugs the column.
• White composite base, same material as
the column. Base fits snug on top of the
base ring.
• Base ring with predrilled holes
• Base ring target to assist in plumbing the

• Installation disc with predrilled holes.
Center hole accommodates the plumb
bob hanger.
• Plumb bob with hanger and string
• (9) Screws

Standard Tuscan Capitals are cast from the same rock hard composite material as the column shaft, assuring maximum durability. Although casting capitals from this material requires extra attention to detail, DSI thinks you will agree it is worth the effort. Most sizes of the Tuscan Tapered Capitals are made from Polyurethane. And some sizes are made utilizing a patented process to create a Snug-Fit Capital. The Polyurethane Capital is created with a foam ring for a snug-fit. This capital eliminates the need to purchase a backer rod to close the gap that can occur between the column shaft and the Capital. Snug-Fit capitals do not require pilot holes.

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