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SCREENEZE is a patented fixed screen system for porches and other applications. The innovative SCREENEZE® design features an aluminum base and a vinyl cap that stronger and more durable than ordinary screen systems. 

Tube Contains 5 Pcs of Each (Aluminum  Base, Colored Vinyl Cap) and Fasteners

Screeneze Tube
(X)SE8             8’  Screeneze         5 Pc/Tube
(X)SE12         12’  Screeneze         5 Pc/Tube


Screeneze Corner Plinth
(X)SECM    Screeneze Corner Mount Plinth     4 Pc/Bag
(X)SEFM        Screeneze Flush Mount Plinth     4 Pc/Bag


TuffScreen #1713 
Made with the same components as S
uperScreen.10 Year Warranty. 
TS4850    48” x 50’ Roll    #3028731
TS7250    72” x 50’ Roll    #3028733
TS9650    96” x 50’ Roll    #3030800


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