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Exterior Trim Mounts Fitting For The Job

Make Every Last Detail Right
Nobody notices mounting blocks once they’re installed. That’s exactly the point. They’re designed to serve a purpose and blend in with the rest of the beauty of the home. Mounting blocks are ideal for concealing cut ends and providing a flat, uniform surface on lap siding or stone to mount fixtures, outlets, spigots and more.

Mounting blocks:

  • Conceal unsightly cuts

  • Provide flat mounting surfaces

  • Work with different siding types

  • Are available in matched colors

Put Electrical Wiring In its Place

Electrical Mounting Blocks:

  • UL listed so you can make connections over the top of house wraps

  • Holds fixtures up to 20 lbs.

  • Easily hides wires for a clean, finished appearance

  • Available in over 300 colors plus paintable

  • Features color molded through so it always looks its best

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